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TV Review: Quiz

James Graham’s Quiz makes a marvellous leap from stage to screen “People still want to gather as…

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TV Review: Will

I finally get round to watching all of Will, not a show that’ll be remembered I’m afraid…

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Review: Brief Encounter, Empire Cinema Haymarket

Perfect for the ‘incurably romantic’, Emma Rice’s Brief Encounter is a glorious piece of theatre at the…

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Not-a-Review: Big Fish, The Other Palace

Big fish Little fish Cardboard box Did I like this? I think not.

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TV Review: Will, Episodes 1 + 2

  “You are a curiosity” American versions of Shakespeare (whether his plays or the man himself) are…

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The Complete Walk, from the comfort of your sofa #3

  “A lot of fighting ensues”   The Globe’s Complete Walk is being released in dribs and…

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Review: The Oresteia, Shakespeare’s Globe

“Why must we go over and over the woes of the past?” There’s something a little unfortunate about…

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Review: Measure for Measure, Shakespeare’s Globe

“Which is the wiser here, Justice or Iniquity?” You don’t get many Measure for Measures for the…

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Film Review: London Road (2015)

“Everybody’s very very nervous” The theatrical production of London Road was a major success for the National…