Review: Strawberry Starburst, Blue Elephant Theatre

“I close my eyes and think back to the days when I used to stuff my face with mum’s spaghetti bolognese and I loved it, tomato juice dripping all down my chin.”

In a week when I’ve celebrated my 29th birthday (for the 8th year running, I might add), it’s perhaps appropriate that the title of Strawberry Starburst went right over my head. Here’s me picturing something fruitily poetic when in actual fact, Starburst are what the Opal Fruits of my youth (“made to make your mouth water” – slogan courtesy of Murray Walker, trivia fans) are now called (it’s obviously too long since I’ve been in a sweet shop!).

My inability to remember things I surely knew aside, Bram Davidovich’s one-woman play is actually an altogether more serious prospect. Shez is a young woman who has a healthy attitude towards food – including a liking for those sweets – and life in general, but finds herself increasingly buffeted by domestic and societal pressures that warp the relationships around her, including her own with her own body, with devastating consequences. Continue reading “Review: Strawberry Starburst, Blue Elephant Theatre”