Review: Tacenda, VAULT Festival

RedBellyBlack’s Tacenda at the VAULT Festival comes off as a Groundhog Day for millennials, though it could afford to be messier in its dénouement 

“I feel like I’m missing something important”

With my Susie Dent hat on, “tacenda is an archaic term referring to things better left unsaid; the opposite of ‘agenda'”. With the hat off, Tacenda is also the name of RedBellyBlack’s new show devised deviously for the VAULT Festival in their inimitable mix of physical theatre, storytelling and sequins and gold lamé jackets.

Elizabeth and Joy have been friends for a long time but things are becoming highly strained as Joy has moved in while looking for a new place to live and Elizabeth is newly single and both are having problems at work. On the day of their best friend Joel’s 30th birthday party, communication becomes so bad that the universe makes them do over the day until they finally start being honest with each other, and with themselves. Continue reading “Review: Tacenda, VAULT Festival”