Review: Custody, Ovalhouse

“There was a bit of a… 
There was a bit of a scuffle”

One of the most appallingly striking statistics around police brutality in the UK is that there has not been a single prosecution for homicide for a death in custody for over 30 years and a disproportionate number – 147 to be precise – of those deaths have been BAME victims. But where the Black Lives Matter movement has gained real traction in the US, stories like these still slip by too easily unnoticed on these shores, And combined with his own experiences of the problematic stop and search system here, it is this which inspired Urbain Hayo (aka Urban Wolf) to create Custody

It’s an undoubtedly powerful raison d’être and one which has been curiously, deliberately, filtered here through writer Tom Wainwright’s perspective as a white, middle-class man who, one assumes, hasn’t suffered the indignities of stop and search. It’s an approach that broadens the scope of the story from the directly personal to a more universal world-view but in doing so, also mutes just a little of the fury and tragedy that is felt by the family of Brian – a successful young businessman, black – whose flash car attracts the attention of the police with devastating results.  Continue reading “Review: Custody, Ovalhouse”