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TV Review: Hijack

There’s lots of talent (and money) at play in Hijack, and Eve Myles is excellent, but it…

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TV Review: Hijack (Episodes 1+2)

The first couple of episodes of Hijack are good but is there going to be more to…

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TV Review: Silent Witness Series 13

God-tier guest casting, daring deviation in the storytelling and Leo getting hit on the head, Series 13…

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TV Review: It’s A Sin

La. It’s A Sin is a triumphant piece of television written by Russell T Davies, a crucial…

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TV Review: Unforgotten Series 1

“All these cases where people pretends to be one thing for half a century and then turn…

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Film Review: Mr Turner (2014)

“There’s no room for cynicism in the reviewing of art” One might equally say there’s no room…

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Review: Blurred Lines, National Theatre

“I’d be surprised if part of the audience didn’t feel alienated” A dissection of “what it means…

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fosterIAN awards 2012

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2012 Best Supporting Actress in a Play + in a Musical

Best Supporting Actress in a Play  Niamh Cusack, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time…