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10 questions for 10 years – Rosie Wyatt

She’s been acting less time than I’ve been blogging but I can’t hold that against Rosie Wyatt,…

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Review: In Event of Moone Disaster, Theatre503

“If an alien came and said they’d whisk you away a thousand billion miles, to a different…

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Review: The Cardinal, Southwark Playhouse

“A poet’s art is to lead on your thoughts through subtle paths and workings of a plot….

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Review: Bunny, White Bear Theatre

“I prefer surprise to suspense.  But that’s basically because I feel suspense all the time” Harry Potter…

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Review: Mumburger, The Archivist’s Gallery

“Was the death expected? Yes or no” The clues may be there but I was still astounded…

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Review: Spine, Soho Theatre

“There’s nothing more terrifying than a teenager with something to say” Among many things, this blog is…

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Review: Worst Wedding Ever, Salisbury Playhouse

 “There was no happier man on the planet than me, the day I learned they’d split The…

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Radio Review: Pride and Prejudice, Radio 4

“I think the temptations will be too strong in Brighton”  Just a quickie for this 3 hour…

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Review: Blink, Soho Theatre

“Being watched makes doing things more attractive somehow. Just simple things” 2012 saw Phil Porter’s Blink take…