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Film Review: Bill (2015)

Bill reunites the Horrible Histories crew around Shakespeare and features a vivid if too brief turn from…

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TV Review: Shakespeare Live, Royal Shakespeare Theatre

  “I am a spirit of no common rate” The culmination of the BBC’s celebration of the…

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Short Film Review #32

At what point does a short film stop being a short film? Hereafter comes in at just…

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Review: Unscorched, Finborough Theatre

“You go through life thinking there’s a limit to the things people will do to each other….

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Review: La Turista: Café Duende, Morito Tapas Bar

“I have seen the blood of Spain” “Ni en la vida ni en la guerra se puede…

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Review: Beyond the Pale, Southwark Playhouse

“Welcome to the South Wark Rescue Centre” If you want to sit down whilst at the theatre,…