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News: Tristram Kenton’s stage archive – the Sarah Kane edition

It is Sarah Kane’s turn to get the Tristram Kenton treatment from the Guardian’s archive, and what…

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Review: Venice Preserv’d, Paynes & Borthwick

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Review: Ghosts, Rose Theatre Kingston

“In other words, you have no idea what you’re condemning” London has long thrived on its paranormal…

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Review: Gabriel, Shakespeare’s Globe

“It may suit the crude palates of ruffians, but there’s more tune in the one derisory ditty…

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Review: The Tempest, Shakespeare’s Globe

“The isle is full of noises” It’s always nice to be surprised by a night at the…

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Review: The Taming of the Shrew, Shakespeare’s Globe

“For she is changed, as she had never been” Despite featuring Samantha Spiro as Kate, the Globe’s…

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Review: Hamlet, Young Vic

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” The Young Vic continues to…

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Review: Rattigan’s Nijinsky, Chichester Festival Theatre

“The English vice is that we don’t own up to our emotions…we think they demean us” Rattigan’s…

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Review: The Deep Blue Sea, Chichester Festival Theatre

“Moderation in all things has always been my motto” Whereas productions celebrating Sondheim’s 80th birthday lasted all…