Review: Das Fest, VAULT Festival

Das Fest, VAULT Festival, London

My kind of Viennese whirl – Philipp Oberlohr’s chilled-out Das Fest at the VAULT Festival proves mind-boggling once again

“To celebrate properly, you have to invest your self”

If you could read my mind, you’d know that I’m a sceptic when it comes to the world of magic and mind-reading. But if you really could read my mind, you’d also know that there’s a tiny part of me that wants to believe, even though I know smokes and mirrors and something-or-other must be involved somehow.

Last year at the VAULT Festival though, Philipp Oberlohr came as close as anyone has to converting to the cause with his show Das Spiel. And the news that he was returning with a sequel of sorts – Das Fest – was a secret thrill that I was happy to indulge in (just as long as I didn’t get called on, something I completely forgot about as I got in early and found myself seated on the front row!) Continue reading “Review: Das Fest, VAULT Festival”

Review: Das Spiel: Are You Part Of The Game?, VAULT Festival

“Spiel, spiel, spiel”

With The X-Files returning to our TV screens, there’s never been a better time to want to believe but dear readers, I’m a bit of a sceptic. When it comes to the world of magic and mentalism, something dourly pragmatic wins out and so even when I was offered tickets to Darren Brown’s latest show I turned them down – it’s all a fix I protested. But let it not be said that I’m entirely closed-minded and so when the info for Das Spiel: Are You Part Of The Game? crossed my path, I opted to take the plunge. It fit neatly into my evenings schedule at the Vault festival and at just an hour, it was a risk I was willing to take.

And I’m glad I did as it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Philipp Oberlohr’s mind reading show aims ‘at the crossover between magic and theatre’ but works essentially as a piece of entertainment down to the undeniable and undimmed charm of the man himself. He plays the role of the disingenuous foreigner perfectly, disarming doubters and deniers with a bashful smile here and a quip about linguistic frailties there, and thus he sets the scene wonderfully for The Game. Continue reading “Review: Das Spiel: Are You Part Of The Game?, VAULT Festival”