Review: Nina Conti – In Your Face, Criterion Theatre

“Let me just fasten the straps…”

It’s a brave soul who opts to sit near the front of Nina Conti’s latest show, as it is pretty much 90% improvised through interactions with audience members who have the pleasure, dubious or otherwise, of being brought up on stage. Once there, Conti gives them a mask to cover the lower half of their face and they submit to the ministrations of this most talented of ventriloquists and entertainers.

Due to the very nature of the show, In Your Face will vary from night to night, depending on the quality, and gameness, of its volunteers, but that variety is also a strength. Conti clearly revels in the wide range of interactions that she gets to have and whilst encouraging sufficient details from those members of the stalls upon whom she alights, the assessment of the comic potential is clearly beginning, ready to click fully into gear just moments later once they’re strapped in and ready to go. Continue reading “Review: Nina Conti – In Your Face, Criterion Theatre”