Review: Vampire Hospital Waiting Room, Above the Arts

“Do you want to know what Old Kent Road smells like?”

Beach Comet’s Edinburgh hit Vampire Hospital Waiting Room has transferred to the sweatbox Above the Arts Theatre for a short but sweet run and still has a bit of that festival mindset about it, not least in a starting time of 10pm. But Theo McCabe and Craig Methven’s comedy musical is worth extending your bedtime for and if you choose use the time before to take a glass or two, then all to the good.

Not that I’m advocating drinking before the show but rather that it is so gloriously daft, that lowered inhibitions can only help your enjoyment of the evening. Describing itself as a comedy B-musical, it’s an hour of low budget but high octane entertainment, loopy characters like the vampire-obsessed Dr Bloom and the comatose Artie, charmingly silly songs like ‘Let’s Put The Fun in Funeral’, and no end of cracking comic dialogue. Continue reading “Review: Vampire Hospital Waiting Room, Above the Arts”