Review: Other Hands, Riverside Studios

“I found I was desperate for a tiger prawn salad”

Though probably best known for her Royal Court hit Posh which transferred successfully into the West End this year, Laura Wade has been writing plays since 1996. But it is her 2006 play Other Hands which receives its first professional UK revival here at the Riverside Studios, fresh from a tour of the South Coast. Wade revisited the play to make a few updates to the text to reflect the technological advances and economic turmoil in the six years since it was written but at its heart, the central issues of Other Hands remain just as pertinent today. In a world of ever-increasing reliance on technology and the relentless pursuit of efficiency, are we in danger of not investing enough time in human relationships. To quote the playwright herself, what’s the use in 10,000 Facebook friends if you have no-one to give you a hug at the end of a rubbish day. 

Wade explores this contemporary malaise in two ways through the central couple of Steve and Hayley. Together for 8 years and both professionally adept at fixing things, Steve is a freelance IT consultant who is perfectly happy to while away the hours on his PlayStation instead of looking for business as Hayley is a high-flying management consultant, earning enough to keep them both afloat. But they are barely treading water emotionally, and as problems start to manifest themselves physically too in the form of Steve’s ever-worsening RSI, they both start to look elsewhere.   Continue reading “Review: Other Hands, Riverside Studios”