Review: Safe Space, Future V

International theatre knows no bounds on Zoom, so Danish company Theatre V are making an accomplished digital debut with Safe Space

“I need to share something with you and I don’t want to be alone”

Coronavirus has unquestionably reshaped the theatre world but one of the more curious and pleasing effects of the move online that many have made, has been the increased access to internationally-made work. Copenhagen-based Theatre V took the opportunity to commission a live play designed to be viewed online and the result is Danish digidrama Safe Space.

Nanna Berner’s play draws inspiration from the explosion of interest in true crime but in the space of barely an hour, it carves out its own brand of remarkably tense thriller territory. Livestreamer Ene has received an envelope in the post which is posing some big questions for her and she’s reaching out online for witnesses as she goes searching for answers. Continue reading “Review: Safe Space, Future V”