Review: Lovesong, Lyric Hammersmith

“There are going to be moments like this where I have to know you can jump when I ask you to jump”

Abi Morgan’s writing has recently has quite the prolific burst: high-profile films such as Shame and The Iron Lady and the well-regarded BBC drama The Hour and the forthcoming adaptation of Birdsong have kept her profile sky high. But she started her writing career in the theatre and following on from 27 for the National Theatre of Scotland and a short piece that formed part of Headlong’s Decade, is the achingly delicate Lovesong which is playing at the Lyric Hammersmith as part of a UK tour.

A co-production with Frantic Assembly, Lovesong follows one British couple who we see at the beginning of their life together as they emigrate to the US and also much later on in their old age. But rather than opting for a straight narrative about this marriage, Morgan flits between past and present: memories are revisited and stories recollected by Billy and Maggie of their earlier lives as William and Margaret, the joys of early marriage, the struggles of trying to conceive and the disillusionments that creeps into everyday life and how they have all accumulated and translated into the relationship that they now have. Continue reading “Review: Lovesong, Lyric Hammersmith”