Review: She Is A Place Called Home, VAULT Festival

Esohe Uwadiae’s debut play She Is A Place Called Home shines a light on Nigerian culture through the prism of dual nationality at the VAULT Festival

“If you’re second, you know what you’re getting”

They f*ck you up, your mum and dad, and your dad’s second wife, as it turns out. Esohe Uwadiae’s debut play She Is A Place Called Home has its roots deeply entwined in Nigerian culture, as two British Nigerian sisters deal with the news that their father is getting married again, much to the horror of their mother, his first wife. But it also teases out wider ideas around power dynamics in families, religion and culture clashes, and the succour that strong sibling relationships can provide. 

We first meet the unnamed sisters as they rehearse the traditional dance their father wants them to perform at the ceremony and as in the nature of so many families, they can’t stop squabbling. But far from inconsequential matters, there’s something deep-rooted about the pain here. From the coercive control their father exerted over the whole household, to the devastation felt by his first wife now that his new lover is expecting a son, to the notions of (perceived) success that govern so many of their actions. Continue reading “Review: She Is A Place Called Home, VAULT Festival”

2020 VAULT Festival – 20 shows to see

Insofar as it is humanly possible for any one person to know everything that is happening at the VAULT Festival this year, I present a handful of my recommendations for 2020.

In all honesty though, I think the best thing to do is just pick a night, go down there and see what tickles your fancy – the level of quality here really is something to admire and means it’ll be very hard to end up disappointed. Take a look at their website here.

LGBT+ stories

Body Talk – 29 Jan — 02 Feb
Full Disclosure Theatre take on male body image from the gay perspective, looking at the damage that can be imposed by obsessing over it.

how we love 18 — 23 Feb
Regi and Babs are getting married. She’s a lesbian and he’s gay but they need the cover to deal with the dangers posed by the prevailing attitudes towards homosexuality in Nigeria.

Notch 19 — 23 Feb
After the devilish fun of Ladykiller, the Thelmas return with this dark meditation on migration, homelessness and obsession from Danaja Wass.

V&V 03 — 08 Mar
Exploring communication then and now, V&V contrasts love stories past and present from Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West’s love letters, to Mia and Lottie’s online missives.

Too Pretty To Punch 03 — 08 Mar
A comedy spoken word show from Edalia Day about gender and featuring original songs and video work about trans life in 21st century Britain. Continue reading “2020 VAULT Festival – 20 shows to see”