Review: Lucid / Knock Knock, RADA Festival

The 2018 RADA Festival kicks off in fine style with the extraordinary physical work of New Public’s Lucid and the enchanting charm of Hot Coals’ Knock Knock 

The annual RADA Festival brings together RADA graduates and a network of diverse theatre-makers to showcase a real range of daring theatremaking. As one of the headline shows of the festival, New Public’s Lucid is front and centre in the billing and well it might be, as it is an ingenious and imaginative piece of physical theatre work. 

Lucid is an attempt to make corporeal the elusive hinterland that are our dreams. From anxiety about weddings, exams or if you’re wearing any trousers to the expression of unexpected sexual desire, from the fulfilment of your deepest wishes to something as mundane as getting a glass of milk, it’s all here and more as the unknowable terrain of the subconscious is deftly explored. Continue reading “Review: Lucid / Knock Knock, RADA Festival”