Review: Thark, Drayton Arms


“Have you ever met anyone who’s seen a ghost?
‘No; but I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t met someone who has…’”

Matthew Parker is best known as the Artistic Director of the Hope Theatre but this production of 1920s Aldwych farce Thark sees him go west, to the Drayton Arms pub theatre, a lovely fringe theatre adrift in a sea of luxury car dealerships. The show features a company of recent graduates from Drama Studio London where Parker teaches and marks his first directorial interjection into farce and what a fruity affair it is.

From the multiple slamming doors to its night-shirted shenanigans, horny aristocrats to hopeless romantics, the plot is a rightfully a proper trifle of a thing. Hector Benbow wants nothing more than to have dinner with his fancy piece, his nephew Ronny wants to declare his love for Kitty, his butler wants to get home to visit his new baby and none of them are prepared for the early return of his wife Lady Benbow. Continue reading “Review: Thark, Drayton Arms”