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TV Review: The Long Shadow

A truly top quality cast do their best in The Long Shadow but do we need another…

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TV Review: Litvinenko

A strong cast can’t quite liven up the over-stretched true-crime police procedural that is Litvinenko “May God…

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TV Review: The Girl Before

A glossy psychological thriller that twists and turns entertainingly, The Girl Before is a nice bit of…

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TV Review: The Windsors, Series 1

Series 1 of The Windsors proves that Hugh Skinner can do no wrong, nor Haydn Gwynne for…

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Lockdown TV review: The Dresser (2015)

Sirs Ian McKellen and Anthony Hopkins do much to banish my bad memories of Ronald Harwood in…

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Film Review: Peterloo (2018)

I wanted to like Mike Leigh’s Peterloo, I really did… “You must be famished coming all the…

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TV Review: Peaky Blinders Series 3

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Film Review: Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

54 years is quite the wait for a sequel but Mary Poppins Returns is full of nostalgic…

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Film Review: Lady Macbeth (2017)

Who needs Shakespeare when you have William Oldroyd and Alice Birch to give us a chillingly excellent…