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Review: Be Prepared, VAULT Festival

“I can’t get on the bus cos I’m waiting for this old man to call” What is…

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12 Days of Christmas – Black Mirror 2:2

“How do you like it?” On the fifth day of Christmas, Black Mirror gave to me…justice. Rough…

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Film Review: Atonement (2007)

“I suppose we should start by reading it” Atonement was only Joe Wright’s second film but crikey…

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Film Review: 1234 (2008)

“Step one – learn three chords” Those who know me will instantly recognise the main point of…

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Cast of Scott and Bailey Series 2

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Review: The Blackest Black, Hampstead Downstairs

“I’ve become emotionally flatulent” Now this is what the Hampstead Downstairs is for. As their self-described experimental…

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Film Review: Starter for 10 (2006)

 “Sometimes it’s not about knowing the right answer” Starter for 10 may only have been filmed seven…

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Review: Me, As A Penguin, Arcola Theatre

“We all get a bit down Stitch, that’s why there’s dance routines” Me, As A Penguin is…