Review: Fat Jewels, Hope

Joseph Skelton’s brutal Fat Jewels puts working-class masculinity under the microscope at the Hope Theatre

“It’s getting a little chocolat chaud in here”

Is masculinity in crisis? Looking at the reactions to England’s World Cup progress, you might be able to argue either way. But far more illuminating, and sobering, are statistics that show more than three quarters of suicides are male yet more women than men seek the help they need. Or the overwhelming male prison population, and the entrenched violence that has put them there. So yes, yes it is.

And as traditional societal structures are exposed in a culture of #MeToo and more, where do men find themselves? Where do they turn to unleash emotions they scarcely know what to do with? It may not be an area that immediately evokes much sympathy but Joseph Skelton’s Fat Jewels acknowledges both the importance and impossibility of getting men, especially working class men, to open up. Continue reading “Review: Fat Jewels, Hope”