Review: Everything by my side, LIFT 2016 at Crossrail Place

(c) Laura Limp

“There was a moment in time…”

The things we end up doing for theatre, like climbing into a bed in the middle of a busy footbridge in Canary Wharf for a good quarter of an hour… And not alone either, there was a woman in there too, I can’t even remember the last time I was between the sheets with a member of the opposite sex! But such is the set-up for the Argentinian Fernando Rubio’s Everything by my side, part of the 2016 London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT), and what a subtly beautiful thing it is.

Seven double beds are lined up in the tunnel and in each one a storyteller awaits, as each member of our group is allocated a number and given the simple instructions – take off your shoes, get into bed, and remain silent. Once there, it’s a most incongruous feeling, such close proximity with a complete stranger and the noise of commuters continuing to rush by. But slowly, as the whispered tale begins, as the storybook opens, an extraordinary sense of intimacy builds up. Continue reading “Review: Everything by my side, LIFT 2016 at Crossrail Place”