Review: Radioman, Old Red Lion

“Very little in my upbringing told me what to do when a stranger determinedly DJs at you from inside a rotting narrowboat”

There’s a whole world of nostalgia wrapped up in certain sounds. For me, the clunk of a cassette ejecting evokes a childhood compiling mix-tapes of songs taped off the radio and so can’t help but make me smile whenever I hear it. And it is one sound of many that makes up the detailed soundscape of Radioman, which is live-mixed in front of us to accompany Felix Trench’s self-penned monologue for Crowley & Co. at the Old Red Lion.

Trench’s Walker discovers a dilapidated canal-boat one day whilst out walking, a strange swell of music seeming to emanate from within. He could walk away but he’s intrigued – ‘who’d like in a house(boat) like this’ – and thus begins his adventures with The Gadfly, For it is no ordinary vessel, inside is the impossibly old Radioman and his piles of musical equipment and a strange relationship builds between the two in Tom Crowley’s production. Continue reading “Review: Radioman, Old Red Lion”