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TV Review: Unprecedented, Episode 1

Episode 1 of Unprecedented features strong writing from James Graham, Charlene James and John Donnelly  “It’s clear…

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News: cast announced for Unprecedented: Theatre from a State of Isolation

Headlong and Century Films have today announced a cast of over 50 UK actors taking part in Unprecedented:…

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Review: The Process, Bunker Theatre

BAZ Productions’ The Process proves bold and striking in its use of BSL and spoken English, if…

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Re-review: Anatomy of a Suicide, Royal Court

I went back. I cried again. If not more. My review.

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Review: Anatomy of a Suicide, Royal Court

“I’ll stay I will try to stay For as long as I possibly can I promise” Beautiful…

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Casting news for Persuasion and Anatomy of a Suicide

  I’ve already written of my excitement for the forthcoming Persuasion  and the announcement of the cast hasn’t…

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Review: The Oresteia, Shakespeare’s Globe

“Why must we go over and over the woes of the past?” There’s something a little unfortunate about…

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Review: Measure for Measure, Shakespeare’s Globe

“Which is the wiser here, Justice or Iniquity?” You don’t get many Measure for Measures for the…

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Review: The Duchess of Malfi, Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

“Are you out of your princely wits?” Review the seat or review the play? Whilst I’d love…