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TV Review: The Crown Series 5

Imelda Staunton dons the headgear but series 5 of The Crown feels like it is damaging the…

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Trailer for Series 5 of The Crown

“Have Royal scandals damaged the country’s reputation?” The Crown has been getting all sorts of advance publicity,…

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First glimpse at Series 5 of The Crown

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Film Review: The Last Letter from Your Lover (2021)

Two parallel love stories both end up falling flat in the rather drab The Last Letter from…

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Film Review: Mary Queen of Scots (2018)

A starry Mary Queen of Scots proves an intriguing if a little frustrating film debut for Josie…

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Review: Into The Woods, Royal Exchange

“Let the moment go, don’t forget it for a moment though” As with Shakespeare, plenty of people…

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Review: Anna Karenina, Royal Exchange

“Love is just a better way to hurt each other” Ellen McDougall’s debut production for the Royal…

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Review: Orpheus Descending, Royal Exchange

“I’m not interested in your perfect functions” It is often the case with lesser performed works by…