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12 Days of Lesley Manville – 8: Harlots (Series 3)

Largely (and unfairly) overlooked, the third and final season of Harlots brings the series to a fitting…

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TV Review: The Crown (Series 6 Part 1)

The first four episodes of the final series of The Crown prove melodramatic nonsense – Princess Di…

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TV Review: The Windsors, Series 2

Series 2 of The Windsors ups the absurdity and the satire of this cracking TV show, with…

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TV Review: Harlots Series 1

The best TV show you haven’t heard about? Harlots just might be it! “When the time comes,…

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Short Film Review #40

I was lucky enough to catch Louis Garrel on stage in Paris recently and exploring his film…

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Short Film Review #39

WOW 2014 – A Day In Detention   Not a short film as such, but utterly essential….

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Review: The Girl’s Guide to Saving the World, HighTide

“Do you think – deep down – that all men secretly hate women?” Elinor Cook was the…

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Review: Boiling Frogs, Southwark Playhouse

“Do you have a problem with authority? ‘I have a problem with authoritarians…’” The title of Boiling…