Review: Spinach, King’s Head Theatre

“I don’t remember how I got here”

Written by Janine Waters and composed by Simon Waters, Spinach defines itself as a sung play. Just 80 minutes long, its every word is sung to music though predominantly in recitative style, reflecting the ebb and flow of everyday speech, rather than through a set of songs as in a traditional musical. This Waters Edge production premiered in Manchester’s Royal Exchange Studio last year and has brought with it one of its original cast members as it starts up a run at the King’s Head Theatre Pub in Islington.

The show begins with Tom and Kate waking up tied together in the cellar of a house, unable to recollect how they got there and seemingly unaware of who the other person is as they slowly realise that they have been drugged. As they ask questions of each other and as flashes of memory come back to them, the pair start to piece together clues about what has happened to them and why, uncovering a tale which twists and turns in the quirkiest of manners. Continue reading “Review: Spinach, King’s Head Theatre”