Review: Spokesong, Finborough Theatre

“For one magical moment it was raining real cats and dogs”

Ulster playwright Stewart Parker’s play Spokesong is a curious thing indeed, melding the troubled times of the Troubles with a rather romantic tale of love, bicycles and regular people just getting on. Parker adroitly identifies that even in the most chaotic of situations with bombs exploding down the road, the business of day-to-day life doesn’t really stop and the battles that people have to face don’t always involve guns.

So we see devoted bike shop owner Frank blinking less of an eye at the bombs than at local schoolteacher Daisy to whom he has taken quite the shine. And as much threat as in a balaclava comes with the arrival of his estranged brother Julian from London, a feckless photojournalist with a yen for trouble. Frank is appalled at council plans to drive a motorway right through his neighbourhood and comes up with a plan for the city to invest in free bikes instead. Continue reading “Review: Spokesong, Finborough Theatre”