News: 2020 Platform Presents Playwright’s Prize

Aimee Lou Wood, Dianna Agron, Kyle Soller, Phoebe Fox, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Aki Omoshaybi and George MacKay have self-filmed video excerpts from the finalist plays for the 2020 Platform Present Playwright’s Prize in isolation during lockdown

My Dad’s a Cunt by Anoushka Warden – Aimee Lou Woods

Aimee Lou Wood played Aimee Gibbs, a central character in two seasons of the Netflix comedy series Sex Education. She will soon to be seen in the feature film Louis Wain alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Foy.

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Review: My Mum’s A Twat, Royal Court

Patsy Ferran elevates the material in new monologue My Mum’s A Twat upstairs at Royal Court

Have you ever tried to sustain a relationship with a twat? It’s hard work and you need to be completely not a twat yourself if you want any success in this. Which is really hard when you’ve just started being a teenager.”

Written by the Royal Court’s head of press Anoushka Warden, it has been interesting tracking the critical response to My Mum’s A Twat and whether this relationship has been disclosed, indeed if it needs to be mentioned at all.

My feeling is that it does, for transparencies sake. But it also throws up the interesting slant that it is a partly autobiographical work and so one that is intensely personal. And as the story of a young girl whose absents herself from her life by joining a cult in Canada, it is an eye-opener. Continue reading “Review: My Mum’s A Twat, Royal Court”