Review: The Leisure Society, Trafalgar Studios 2

“We’re going to break up with our best friend”

Canadian drama doesn’t get much of a look in in London so it was interesting to see Québécois playwright François Archambault having his play The Leisure Society mounted at the Trafalgar Studios’ downstairs space. The headlines have naturally focused on the theatrical debut of former model Agyness Deyn but thespier types will appreciate the return of Ed Stoppard who illuminated his father’s Arcadia so very well a few years back (and yes, as suggested by the poster, he does get his shirt off!).

The play is a scathing look at the self-obsession of the middle classes, focusing on Peter and Mary, an affluent, successful couple with a new baby yet both dealing with a deep ennui, a huge dissatisfaction with the state of their lives. As part of the ‘cleaning up’ of their lives to become ideal parents – they’ve already given up smoking and drinking – they invite best friend Mark round for dinner and to tell him that his newly-single life of debauchery doesn’t fit into their plan and so they are dumping him. But when Mark turns up with his new ‘special friend’ the lithe Paula and several bottles of wine, their plans go somewhat awry as sex, scandal and secrets end up on the menu along with the roast beef. Continue reading “Review: The Leisure Society, Trafalgar Studios 2”