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TV Review: Silent Witness Series 14

With Kieran Bew with his top off and Barbara Flynn breaking every singe person’s heart, Series 14…

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TV Review: Years and Years

Years and Years sees Russell T Davies take on dystopian near-future sci-fi to startling effect “We’re not…

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Review: The Twilight Zone, Almeida Theatre

“We’re not looking for a needle in a haystack but for an alien in a diner” There’s…

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Cast for the Almeida’s Twilight Zone announced

  The Almeida have revealed the cast for their forthcoming Christmas show The Twilight Zone which promises…

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Album Review: The Sound of Music (2006 London Palladium Cast Recording)

“Today you have to learn to be a realist” I wanted to love the London Palladium Cast…

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Film Review: Nativity 2 – Danger in the Manger (2012)

“You can be our Justin Bieber” After being pleasantly surprised by how much fun Nativity was, it…

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Review: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Theatre Royal Drury Lane

“It’s the a-choc-alypse…no, it’s choc-mageddon” What to do when a golden ticket is actually thrust into one’s…

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fosterIAN awards 2011

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The 2011 fosterIAN award nominations

So here it is, as best a summation of what I liked most about the year’s theatregoing…