News: Schwartz Songs album to be released in June

Westway Music, along with The Theatre Cafe, is pleased to announce the full details of SCHWARTZ SONGS, an album of spectacular new recordings of Stephen Schwartz’s much-loved songs including Deliver Us and When You Believe (Prince of Egypt), Corner of the Sky (Pippin), Let There Be (Children of Eden), The Wizard and I and Defying Gravity (Wicked), Colours of the Wind (Pocahontas), Beautiful City (Godspell) and many more.

Stephen Schwartz’s career has spanned over five decades, and he is the recipient of 3 Grammy Awards, 3 Academy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, 6 Tony Awards and an Olivier Award. 

The album features a fantastic array of West End stars including Marisha Wallace, Trevor Dion Nicholas, Samantha Barks, Jamie Muscato, Lucie Jones, Louise Dearman, Kerry Ellis, Rachel Tucker, Billy Luke Nevers, John Owen-Johns, Oliver Tompsett, Rob Houchen, Hiba Elchikhe, Alice Fearn, Rachel John, Peter Joback, Jamie Lambert, Jordan Luke Gage and Emma Kingston

Neil O’Brien, MD of Westway Music comments, “Along with our friends at The Theatre Cafe, we are thrilled to be releasing this spectacular album of music from an iconic writer and composer, sung by West End royalty. With the first part of the eagerly awaited film adaptation of Wicked coming out this autumn, this is a fantastic time to be celebrating so much of his work.”

The opening track, DEFYING GRAVITY, is performed by four of the West End’s leading ladies who have all played ‘Elphaba’ in Wicked in the West End: Kerry Ellis, Rachel Tucker, Lucie Jones and Alice Fearn. Defying Gravity will be released as a single on 21 June. PRESAVE NOW

Kerry Ellis said, “I owe so much to Stephen for the break I had in musical theatre. To be involved with this album and this new arrangement of Defying Gravity, which I have performed on stage for so many years, is truly amazing.”

Rachel Tucker said, “I respect Stephen Schwartz so much and feel honoured to have worked with him for a long time during my career. I never get tired of singing his songs and I was delighted to be asked to join a stellar cast on this album, to celebrate just how much of a genius Stephen is. His music will live on forever.”

Lucie Jones said, “Some incredible performers have played the role of Elphaba and I’m so happy to be performing on this album and record with so many iconic other Green Witches! This new four-part arrangement is truly spellbinding!”

Alice Fearn said, “Having been a long admirer of Stephen Schwartz, and been fortunate enough to work with him on several occasions, I’m thrilled to be a part of this album which truly celebrates the breadth and scale of his incredible talent.”

1.    DEFYING GRAVITY (Wicked) Kerry Ellis, Lucie Jones, Rachel Tucker & Alice Fearn
2.    CORNER OF THE SKY(Pippin) Jamie Muscato
3.    AIN’T IT GOOD(Children of Eden) Alice Fearn
4.    ON WINGS OF A SWAN(My Fairy Tale) Peter Jöback
5.    COLOURS OF THE WIND(Pocahontas) Samantha Barks
6.    LET THERE BE (Children of Eden) John Owen-Jones
7.    THE WIZARD AND I (Wicked) Rachel Tucker
8.    ON THE WILLOWS(Godspell) Jordan Luke Gage & Rob Houchen
9.    MEADOWLARK (The Baker’s Wife) Louise Dearman
10.  DELIVER US(The Prince of Egypt) Hiba Elchikhe
11.  BEAUTIFUL CITY(Godspell) Oliver Tompsett
12.  FORGIVENESS EMBRACE(Uncharted Territory) Jamie Lambert
13.  LOST IN THE WILDERNESS(Children of Eden) Billy Luke Nevers
14.  OH, BLESS THE LORD MY SOUL (Godspell) Rachel John
15.  CHILDREN OF THE WIND(Rags) Emma Kingston
16.  WHEN YOU BELIEVE(The Prince of Egypt) Marisha Wallace & Trevor Dion Nicholas

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