Why Are The Arts So Important?

It’s a shame that a lot of the time, people are more interested in science and technology than theatre or literature. It seems that many people feel these more scientific topics are the important ones, and the arts, in whatever form it is they come, are just for entertainment. The truth is that although the arts certainly do entertain (and this is no bad thing – we all need some joy in our lives), they do a lot more. Once people start to realise this, they will soon understand why we need to invest more in the arts and nurture them as much as possible. With this in mind, here are some of the reasons why the arts are so important.

Art Can Educate

A good education is crucial in life. The more we know, the more we can do, plus we’ll have a better understanding of the world around us, helping everyone to be more tolerant and accepting.

One of the many reasons why the arts are so important is that they can educate, often in a way that doesn’t feel like education at all. This is wonderful, as it means the lessons being ‘taught’ are more likely to stay with someone and be used in a positive way in their lives. And what’s even better is that the arts can teach you about anything at all. You might be interested in history, so you read an epic poem or see a play depicting a historical event. You might be interested in Bible studies, so you watch a movie about Revelations and read Bible passages about the end of times available here. You might like cooking, so you watch a TV cookery competition and pick up tips at the same time. It could be anything, it just depends on what you’re interested in.

Art Can Force Social Change

Throughout the ages, artists have used their work to bring about social change for the better. They have used their voices – sometimes literally – to talk about problems and injustices and to call for changes to be made. It might be a stirring piece of music, it might be art, or it might be a play that captures everything happening at the time (and potentially comes up with a solution, although not always).

Art has a lot of power, and an artist who can tap into the current feeling and make something captivating and important from it can encourage others to make changes or to stand up for what’s right. Sometimes the only way to make change happen is to demand it, and the arts can start the process in a way that is accessible to all.

Art Can Celebrate Diversity

Is there any industry or sector in the world that is as diverse and fascinating as the arts? This is a place where everyone is welcome, whether they are creatives or spectators. No matter how you identify, what you look like, or what your talent might be, there is room for you in literature, in the theatre, in film and TV, or in any other branch of the arts you might want to name.

Because the arts are so open and there to be seen and enjoyed, it offers a chance for those who might otherwise be a minority and underrepresented to have the opportunity to be seen and heard. When combined with the idea we mentioned above about bringing around important social changes, you can see how crucial it is that the arts exist and that people can really be themselves when they work in or have anything to do with the arts.

Art Can Heal

Have you ever heard of art therapy? It’s the process of allowing those who need some help with their mental or physical health to explore art. It has been found time and again that those who are able to take part in painting, sculpture, photography, writing, acting, singing, and more can heal faster and become happier as a result.

The arts offer people a safe space to explore their own thoughts and feelings, and it is the process more than the final result, that is most important here. However, it is inevitable that some of the art created will be something that goes on to inspire others, making it even more important.

Final Thoughts

The arts should never be considered as anything less than technology and science. It might not be for everyone – we are all different, after all – but it is just as important as every other human endeavour.

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