The Brightside of Choosing a Career in Creative Writing

Capitalism affects all industries differently but the arts are usually the most impacted and least appreciated as it is hard to determine the value of something artistic or abstract.

Therefore, pursuing a career in something artistic such as creative writing is often looked down upon in capitalistic societies. However, this does not mean that your creative abilities are worthless by any means.

You can make a successful career in creative writing and we’re here to show you how!

Making An Impact

Hands down the best part about creative writing is that you get to make an impact regardless of what avenue or topic your writing explores. You become a contributor to the information that millions of people can access.

Your writing could influence people’s perspectives drastically. The ability to make an impact so strong that readers not only choose to give you their time but also the permission to alter their mindsets is a reward reserved only for creative writers.

Advancements In The Field

One would think that writing as a field would be immune to too many advancements.

How can technology make writing any simpler than digitizing the process for a computer?

However, some of the advancements in the field are truly revolutionary and have proven extremely beneficial for those considering a creative writing career.

Several artificial intelligence platforms have changed the way that people write by helping them come up with great prompts and helping them avoid writer’s block by suggesting what to write next.

Other innovations such as the ability to find creative essay writers or any other writer online to work on a topic are also very helpful.

Versatile Career Choices

Career outcomes and choices are important to consider before choosing any career, especially in the arts as there are fewer options. However, creative writing is one of those few artistic career options that provide a wide range of potential careers.

A creative writer can go to the corporate world and become a copywriter or content writer. They can even follow the entertainment industry path to become anything from a movie script writer to a tv review writer for their favorite show.

Many writers even choose to self-publish books or start freelance writing agencies that serve different industries at the same time. Ultimately, the choices are endless when it comes to the demand for creative writing and the versatility of the field.

The flexibility of being able to switch industries is also high for creative writers. You don’t have to stay in the industry you started with. You can choose to pursue a field that interests you which makes up for the lack of job security in this profession.

Complementary Fields

As established above, choosing writing as a profession opens a lot of doors when it comes to career choices. However, that is not the end. Building a career in writing can also allow you to dabble in complementary fields such as marketing, editing, teaching, sales, and even design.

All of these fields need the same creativity, passion, and skill set that a creative writer has. For example, you could be a scriptwriter and end up becoming a video editor to portray your writing skills in the form of a video.

The chances of being able to switch jobs and explore many opportunities are high in a field like creative writing even if salaries are not.


Our final advice to you is to follow your passion and not let societal norms affect your choice. The only way to find true happiness is to do something you enjoy and that fulfills you.

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