News: Evanna Lynch to star in Under the Black Rock

Evanna Lynch, best known for her role as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films, has been announced in Under the Black Rock, a play set in 80s Belfast around the time of the Troubles and led by an Irish cast. 

The thriller plays at the Arcola Theatre from 2nd-25th March and traces the shifting fortunes of a family at the height of Northern Ireland’s violent recent history. County Louth born Evanna Lynch will play Niamh Ryan, a woman who is drawn into the conflict as part of a community where no one is quite who they seem and anybody may be an enemy. With twists and turns of plot, and laced with gallows humour, Under the Black Rock poses questions about family loyalty, morality and how young men and women are drawn into violence.

Under the Black Rock is by Tim Edge, who has spoken extensively to communities who were present in Belfast at the time, and directed by Ben Kavanagh. It is presented by Bluebird Productions and produced by Sam Edmunds. Further casting to be announced.

Evanna Lynch said

“I’m honoured to be part of this production of Under the Black Rock, a play that boldly and compassionately explores the topic of violent extremism during the Troubles in Northern Ireland, a period in history that even as a child I knew only to ask about in hushed tones. Even today, it’s a topic you learn to tread lightly around so I was moved by the way this play manages to prompt deep reflection of the past and its bearing on the future. I’m thrilled to be working with Tim and Ben to help tell this story.”

Playwright Tim Edge

“I worked and travelled extensively in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. I still maintain a deep affection for the people of the six counties. They have endured so much and deserve the consolation of optimism and relative stability. The play is dedicated to them.”

Bluebird Productions was set up in 2022 to showcase new writing and develop young directors and producers. Director Ben Kavanagh is an actor, director, writer, podcaster and educator. His work includes Victims (writer and director, Drayton Arms), The Convert (writer, Above The Stag) and Boy Meets Boy (Jermyn Street) for which he was nominated for an Offie for his performance.

Photo: Gregory Haney

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