News: Bukky Bakray joins cast of Sleepova

Sleepova, an ode to black women and their boundless spirits and wild dreams is a new Bush commission from Matilda Feyiṣayọ Ibini (Little Miss Burden) opening on 24th FebruarySleepova marks the stage debut of three actresses including Bukky Bakray (Rocks), who at 19, became the youngest BAFTA Rising Star Award recipient as well as one of the youngest ‘Best Actress in a Leading Role’ nominees. She joins Amber Grappy, Aliyah Odoffin and Shayde Sinclair in the cast.


We don’t get to choose when we become women, y’know?

Join Rey, Elle, Shan, and Funmi.  Armed with sugary snacks, school gossip, and secret questions they can only ask each other, their sleepovas are pretty much a sacred space for them.

As each year tugs them further into adulthood and life doesn’t pan out quite as they imagined they struggle to hold on to a friendship that they swore would last a lifetime.   

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