Blogged: The Best Gambling Movies

There are some great genres and sources of inspiration out there when it comes to movies, but are any as exciting as when film writers delve into the world of gambling or feature it in parts of a story? With gambling, you often get a rollercoaster ride of emotion, with highs, lows and everything in between. And this is why gambling movies have reigned supreme for many decades and have been some of the biggest films ever.

Even Money

We begin our list with arguably the most underrated gambling movie of all time. Even Money is a film loaded with a stellar cast, with the likes of Danny Devito, Forest Whitaker and Kim Basinger all starring. And the story sees the lives of three strangers cross over because of gambling. A large part of what unfolds is based around a rigged college basketball match. Nowadays, the gaming sector has more or less cleaned up its act. So that having a bet is much more safe and accessible, especially online, where you have a massive choice in terms of brands and genres. These range from traditional sports betting sites all the way to fun online bingo sites.  


21 is undoubtedly one of the greatest gambling movies of all time because it’s often been the source of inspiration for many to believe they can beat the house. In 21, we see the true story of a group of MIT students taking on casinos and winning thanks to card-counting techniques come to life. But, as you expect with all good movies, there’s more to the story than just beating the house, as it sees how gambling for a purpose is the initial intention, but then because of the enormous amounts of cash involved, things quickly get out of hand, which causes problems on many levels.

The Gambler

There are a couple of versions of The Gambler, but the original, which hit screens in 1974, stands out as the best. In the movie, James Caan takes on the role of Axel Freed, who is very much in the throws of gambling addiction. And as so often is the case in situations like this, Freed embarks on a journey where he doesn’t just put his own money at risk. He risks the money of others, which then develops into a serious situation where lives are then put at risk too. The Gambler is certainly an emotional rollercoaster of a ride to watch and gripping from start to finish.

The Card Counter

Card counting is a skill many wished they had when it could help punters at casinos to gain an edge on the house. And in the movie The Card Counter, which hit screens in 2021, we see Oscar Isaac take on the role of William Tell, who has taught himself how to card count while in military prison, with the aim of it being a way for him to control impulses to go back to his former bad habits. The story in this film also explores how a person can be great at gambling but how that can then have a knock-on effect on their life in general.

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