The Biggest Films Set To Hit Screens In 2023

The biggest films of the year are those that make a ton of money at the box office but also have a profound effect on the pop culture of that time. So far this year, the public has been discussing Top Gun: Maverick, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Jurassic World: Dominion. However, the movie season is now winding down to embrace the more subdued Oscar-worthy films. That means it is time we started looking ahead to 2023.

With so many ongoing franchises seeking to dominate the box office next year, you can expect 2023 to be a huge year for film. So, what films should you be looking forward to? Read on to find out.

February: Antman and the Wasp: Quantomania

There was a time when releasing a big blockbuster before April was considered foolish. The summer is supposed to be the blockbuster season, a point of year when kids have plenty of time and spending money to elevate these films to new financial heights. Unfortunately, there is only so much space during the summer calendar, which is why Marvel studios have resided to release some of their tentpole films in February.

The studio has taken control of the February time slot to great success in the last few years, with previous movies Black Panther and Captain Marvel both making over one billion at the box office. Therefore, it makes sense that they would again release one of their bigger movies during this time in 2023.

Antman and the Wasp: Quantomania is the final chapter in the Antman trilogy. The film is set to feature the title characters battling against the next big baddie of the MCU, Kang. If these rumours are to be believed, then expect this film to surpass the box office numbers of the previous two films. True Marvel fans won’t want to miss this crucial phase of the franchise.

March: John Wick 4

The original John Wick film was a surprise hit in 2015. The first instalment in this low-budget action series started with a modest budget of $30 million and went on to make the studio $88 million worldwide. As you can expect, a sequel was put into production immediately.

Since then, the John Wick franchise has gone on to become a staple for action movie fans. The lower budget forces each director to be creative with each new film, and you can expect the same when John Wick 4 hits cinemas in March 2023.

In this next film, John Wick is on a mission to fight some of the most powerful adversaries in the underworld to remove the bounty placed on his head. It may not seem like a complicated premise, but it is in simplicity that this film series thrives.

June: Indiana Jones 5

Harrison Ford may have been in his eighties when this film was shot, but age has never slowed the man down before. As such, fans can expect the fifth instalment in the classic Indiana jones franchise to hit cinemas in June 2023.

Pitched as a passing of the torch style movie, Indiana Jones 5 is likely to show us Indie hanging up his whip for the very last time. These adventure movies have been a staple of modern cinema for over forty years, so it is likely that parents and kids alike will be rushing out to catch this one. However, Indiana Jones fans have been burned before by the lacklustre Kingdom of the Crystal Skull back in 2008. Let’s hope Logan director, James Mangold, has what it takes to end the series properly this time around.

July: Mission Impossible 7

It wouldn’t be the summer movie season without actor Tom Cruise appearing somewhere in the line-up. Cruise has already made headlines this year by releasing the highest-grossing movie so far, Top Gun: Maverick, and it seems he hopes to replicate this success next year.

It also seems that there is no stopping the Mission Impossible series, especially with someone like Tom Cruise in the lead. These spy/action thrillers have slowly grown in popularity over the years and the last film in the franchise was the most successful in the series, grossing almost $800 million worldwide.

Since these films have shown no signs of slowing in quality, it looks like Mission Impossible 7 is set to be the best one yet. While no details about the story have been revealed as yet, the studio has stated that this movie serves as the first part of the epic conclusion to this decade-spanning franchise. Anyone looking to see cinematic history unfold before them will definitely not want to miss this.

July: The Marvels                                                                                                           

Don’t worry if you are yet to catch up on the Mission Impossible franchise. July 2023 has plenty more to offer filmgoers, like the next offering from Marvel Studios. With Antman and the Wasp: Quantomania firmly in the rear-view mirror by this point, Marvel fans will be looking for their next dose of superhero action. While The Marvels may not have any direct ties to the conclusion of the Antman trilogy, this Captain Marvel sequel still has a lot riding on it.

This time around, Carol Danvers is teaming up with T. V’s Ms. Marvel and Photon for an adventure through space. Again, this is another chapter in the Marvel pantheon so it is less of a studio risk than others on this list. Therefore, both casual and hardcore Marvel fans will be checking this one out when it hits theatres in the summer.

November: Dune 2

Anyone who saw the first Dune in 2021 will be chomping at the bit to find out how this series will continue. With its star-studded cast and visual brilliance, the previous Dune won plenty of accolades at that year’s Oscars ceremony. However, it is the heavy sci-fi storytelling that has gripped movie-goers, which is why Dune 2 is set to be a massive hit next November.

The current trilogy of films has split the initial book into three. While this means that there are plenty of money-making opportunities for the studio to expand on the lore, it has left viewers desperate to see where the next film will take them.

What To Do While You Wait

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These are set to be the biggest films of 2023. So, which one do you think is going to take the box office crown? Perhaps we will be surprised by an outlier. Only time will tell.

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