Top 5 Best Institutions to Study Acting Study and Theatre Circle

Choosing the best institution to study acting and become a part of the theatre circle can be pretty challenging initially, yet it only takes time and analytical skills to consider more than one institution. You have to compare various offerings, ask questions, read reviews by the currently enrolled or past students, and see if you can fully address your passion for acting. Every institution you might find will have a great community and a set of rules that must be met because it is exactly how you enter the theatre circle and follow the traditions. While there are famous institutions to study acting, it’s not necessarily the case that they will meet your vision and career objectives. Acting studies must be filled with relative freedom and flexibility, which is why you should explore and brainstorm the options before you make your choice.

Top 5 Best Institutions to Study Acting Study and Theatre Circle

1. California Institute of Arts.

It’s one of the top acting courses not only in the United States but worldwide! It’s not your traditional curriculum since they love to experiment and provide more focus on researching and the critical thinking skills that one must master. There are many cultural aspects that will have to be approached through the writing tasks. If it poses a problem, you may consider the reviews of writing services. It is totally fine to ask for help but trust only credible companies. Even if you receive professional editing and help with your writing style, it will already mark a significant difference as your paper will stand out! California Institute of Arts is very strict about quality and adherence to standards so make sure that you study their requirements first!

  1. Juilliard School in New York.

If there is an acting school that needs no introduction, it is Jilliard’s. Their four-year-long program is one of the best in the world and offers it all from mental training and psychological balance courses for actors to stage performance skills and practical tests. What truly sets them apart is their attitude to dramatic studies and interpretation as they will refer to various repertoire that includes movies, TV series, and both classic and modern plays.

  1. Pace University School of Performing Arts.

If you are looking for smaller classes where only about 15-18 students are enrolled in a course, consider this great School of Performing Arts in New York. It’s not surprising that they keep things rather personal as they will approach you individually to discover your skills and talents. They have the general undergraduate studies first before they proceed with higher professional studies and can apply for the BFA in Acting that is also on offer!

  1. Rutgers University Drama School.

If you want to choose something more humble with a great community spirit, it’s the institution you must consider. As you visit theatres and study the reviews, you will see that students at Rutgers University belong to the Mason Gross School of Arts. There are many actors and theatre actors that are listed as alumni. The best part is that they even offer a special course in clowning, so if you want to learn a little bit of everything, you should not ignore this course. The use of the famous Meisner method alone is worth it as you will have an interdisciplinary, almost philosophical approach to learning.

  1. University of Ann Arbor (Michigan).

The famous School of Music, Theatre, and Dance is one of the most affordable options for those students who would like to study theater with great mental training. The good news is that you will work with a skilled team of theatre professionals. Another great benefit is a low student-to-faculty approach to studies and a plethora of different benefits like voice and speech training, the right ways to move, and even the internship options at the acting and performance scenes.

A Resume is Paramount For Enrollment

Although you may not have an acting portfolio yet, think about the creation of an excellent resume where you will not only list your educational merits but also mention your soft and hard skills. In practice, it’s way more important for the admission committee as the acting and theatre schools will look into your personality. If you have participated in any workshops or have a YouTube channel, you may mention the fact as well and do it all to showcase yourself in the best way possible. It will greatly improve your chances of getting accepted and help you to stand out from the rest.


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