How to Instill in a Student a Love of Theatre

If there is only one word to describe the theatre, it is “creativity” because you have to work hard and focus on many different aspects from the light and the staging to the sound and the dresses. Still, many students discover the beauty of theatre only through drama classes at school as they become a part of the stage and focus on their performance. While it can help to build up one’s confidence and allow students to show off their basic acting skills, it may not instill a true love of theatre and drama. The tricky part is that you have to learn how to cooperate and create a comfort zone not only for yourself but for others as well!

How to instill in a Student a Love of Theatre?

  • Remember That Acting Can Be Taught.

While there are natural acting talents and some students feel more confident, there are specific principles that can be taught to improve one’s acting. You can learn how to start crying all of a sudden, or how to express anger with your facial muscles. There are many written tasks that you can complete to determine your strengths and weaknesses as you focus on what you can do the best. You can approach the paper writing service as an option if you have a drama class assignment, and you are feeling stuck. Just relax and let your ideas and vision flow freely!

  • Explain The Basics of Drama and Tone.

Your students may not know why they like something, or why certain plays do not inspire them at all. While we all have relevant tastes, it is much better if you can let your students know more about the basics of drama and the natural talents that one can spot. Teach your students about the tone and explain how something has been achieved. It is also possible to start with the books and the screenplays before proceeding with the plays. It will help to see the difference between how you imagine the characters and how it has been staged by others.

  • Explore Classic Theatre Plays.

Theatre is one of the most efficient ways to explore the world and the different cultures. If you want to let your students enjoy the beauty and magic of dramaturgy, consider showing them the lists of classic plays. There are many options and playlists that are available on YouTube or even official commercial compilations that are worth checking. As the students keep watching, ask them to provide compositions and reviews, so they can express their thoughts and reflections. 

  • Create Drama Clubs at School.

One of the best ways to instill a love of theatre in a student is to create a drama club or organise a team of fellow educators to inspire the students. If you do not know what to share and teach, consider asking universities for acting theatre for their assistance and recommendations. You do not have to dive into something overly complex, as even the drama basics can inspire your students.

  • Use Technology for Stage and Sound.

Some students may not be able to sit through the thirty minutes of the theatre play, yet they might be able to improve the light and sound, add more design tricks, and use the technology relevantly. You can provide the stage screens and add multimedia elements to keep things more vivid. If you combine students who possess these skills with good drama actors, you will have perfect synergy and cooperation. Organise your unique play and let everyone contribute and add something that they do well. It will be the best way to enjoy the theatre to the fullest!

How Can Students Become a Part of Theatre Life?

After all, it is barely possible to fall in love with the theatre if you are only a person in the audience and do not explore the inner beings of the performance. Go beyond the basics! You can assist the director, write poetry, become the dramaturge, or even compose the score if you play an instrument or have some musical background. Although things may seem complex in the end as everything reminds you of smoke and mirrors, it is always about hard work and your attitude. As a student, you can audition for the part or express your vision regarding the character. Be creative and open-minded even if it means going against the flow. Don’t forget that only those who truly dare can win in the end!


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