10 Reasons to Include Theater Lessons in the School Curriculum

The theater is one of the most popular and influential forms of performing art with roots in ancient times. Most of us enjoy the great Greek playwrights and the masterpieces of Shakespeare. When it comes to education, theater plays a huge role in advancing students’ academic performance.

There is a lot of evidence showing that theater and art can help students advance their academic goals. Research also indicates that performing arts promote agency and empathy among youth benefiting from theater lessons.

Let’s get more specific. Below are the 10 reasons to include theater lessons in the school curriculum.

–      Better academic performance

As noted, students who either participate in theater performances or just attend them stand to benefit a lot. There is a direct correlation between theater lessons and greater academic achievements. It would be myopic not to gain from this obvious benefit.

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–      Improved communication and comprehension skills

Students also improve their communication skills. There is no such thing as a good theater performance without either playwrights or actors who can’t communicate clearly. Theater lessons advance students’ communication skills and comprehension that help them achieve more in other classes too.

–      Boosting creativity

The theater, as a form of art, boosts creativity by definition. It helps students expand their imaginative powers, explore uncharted territories, and push the envelope.

–      Encouraging outside-the-box thinking

Theater lessons also prompt students to think critically, outside the box. They encourage them to explore new ways of doing things, take reasonable risks, and enjoy the benefits of their own discoveries, however small they may be.

–      Greater empathy

The theater is also known to advance students’ emotional intelligence. We know that one’s ability to empathize with others often proves to be more important than the level of academic knowledge or professional proficiency. A greater ability to show empathy means greater self-awareness. It helps succeed in all walks of life without damaging other people’s interests.

–      Better teamwork

When taking theater lessons, students become better team players. A play can only be successful if the entire crew works as one united organism. There is no such thing as a small cog in that system. Every member has a clearly defined role, and the end result is positive only if all members perform collectively towards the common goal.

–      Improved memorization

Students need to rehearse a lot when they participate in theater lessons or plays. Memorizing words and movements is a challenging but rewarding task. It strengthens students’ cognitive skills. It also helps you with other subjects and academic tasks.

–      Valuing diversity

Students also turn out to value diversity more. Theater performance cuts across cultural and geographic boundaries. They speak to universal values that are shared across the globe. Theater lessons expose students to these values and help them appreciate their exchange.

–      Appreciating aesthetic performance

Theater lessons also help students appreciate the aesthetic performance. Not only does art arouse emotions and sentiments, but it also leads us to see and appreciate beauty. This is an important skill in today’s busy world, where all of us are preoccupied with everyday chores. There are different types of theater performances. Among them, immersive theater is known to advance your ability to appreciate the value and beauty of art performances in some of the most creative and instrumental ways.

–      Making new friends

Students also make lots of new friends when taking theater lessons. It is an opportunity to find your kindred spirit with whom you can share your thoughts, aspirations, and tastes. Some of these friendships may last for the rest of your life.

Bottom Line

Theater lessons have benefits that go beyond mere aesthetic gains. When added to the school curriculum, they help students improve their academic performance and sharpen their communication and comprehension skills.

Theater lessons also help students become better team players, appreciate diversity, and make new friends. All these benefits are so far-flung that it seems short-sighted to let go of the opportunity to make them accessible to all students.


Ruby Butz is a professional writer and an avid art lover. As a student, she participated in lots of extracurricular activities focusing on art and drama. Ruby has also worked with many schools and colleges on the development of the most effective and student-centered school curricula.

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