TV Review: Elementary Season 7

With its final shortened series, Season 7 feels like a timely end for Elementary 

“Every problem has a solution”

Here’s my 8 favourite performances in Season 7 of Elementary

  1. As his name might suggest, James Frain’s tech magnate Odin Reichenbach occupies a crucial place in this final series, emerging as a key antagonist…
  2. The show’s move to London in opening episode ‘The Further Adventures’ offers up the brilliant tease of Tamsin Greig’s DCI Athelney Jones as a new lead character but that is sadly shortlived
  3. It does however mean we get a return visit from Ophelia Lovibond’s sparky Kitty
  4. Gabriel Ebert’s Sebastian Florenti is worth the price of admission in Episode 3 ‘The Price of Admission’, ba-dum-tish…
  5. Episode 4 ‘Red Light, Green Light’ features a few Broadway faces but I’m picking the lovely Heléne Yorke here, whose embittered wife Holly Meers contributes much at the end
  6. Quentin Earl Darrington’s Mr Dewashe also stands out in this episode, looking v sharp in his suit
  7. I love Lindsay Mendez’s work in All Rise so seeing her in Episode 10 ‘The Latest Model’ as an opinionated Dr. Angela Hardy goes some way to heightening its thrills
  8. One of those oh so familiar faces, Bob Gunton has a small but crucial part to play in penultimate episode ‘Reichenbach Falls’

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