TV Review: Elementary Season 6

Season 6 has its moments but largely continues the feeling that Elementary has had its moment 

” I was thinking… Uncle Sherlock”

Here’s my 10 favourite performances in Season 6 of Elementary

  1. Douglas Hodge does wonderfully chilling villain as Sydney Place in Episode 4 ‘Our Time is Up’
  2. Brian Stokes Mitchell is entertaining as overly bureaucratic Dominic Voth in Episode 5 ‘Bits and Pieces’
  3. Tony Plana’s rich television history makes him an appealing face to see and his General Alvero pops up intriguingly and entertainingly in a couple of episodes in this series
  4. Episode 10 ‘The Adventure of the Ersatz Sobekneferu’ is illuminated nicely by Dylan Baker’s antiquities expert Armand Venetto
  5. And also by the work of Julian Sands as artist and fraud Jasper Wells
  6. ‘You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby’ features the welcome return of Jim Norton’s shadowy establishment figure but Roger Bart’s oleaginous Kip Lowell gets the plaudits here
  7. Lesli Margherita’s Sherry Lennox shines in Episode 13 ‘Breathe’ as she pushes the team towards a difficult truth
  8. Episode 15 ‘How to Get a Head’ features the hugely talented Michael Cerveris as Councilman Ledesma who in most entertainingly involved
  9. Ian Hart gets to play an old colleague of Sherlock who bears a grudge in ‘Uncanny Valley of the Dolls”
  10. Penultimate episode ‘Fit to be Tied’ fits in Parminda Nagra and Tonya Pinkins but it is powerhouse house Eden Espinosa’s late, brief turn as a doctor that sneaks in here

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