TV Review: Elementary Season 4

Elementary Season 4 continues the good work of this US serial, though it does begin to lose a little of its vitality in its storytelling

“I am actually the basis for several fictional characters across various media”

Here’s my 10 favourite performances in Season 4 of Elementary.

  1. When Sherlock looks like Jonny Lee Miller, then of course he’s going to be highly sexually active but this season throws a curveball with the introduction of Betty Gilpin’s neuratypical Fiona as a rare moment for him to be genuinely vulnerable as he tries for a relationship with her
  2. A bit of a random apeparance but an actor I do like, Gary Milner pops up in Episode 1 ‘The Past is Parent’ as one of Sherlock Snr’s factotums
  3. I’m not saying Elementary has a type but scientists played by Broadway stars rarely turn out to be goodies – Marin Ireland’s Alta Von See a case in point in Episode 2 ‘Evidence of Things Not Seen’
  4. Shohreh Aghdashloo could read the phone book and I’d love it so who cares what her Liliane Bellerose gets up to in Episode 3 ‘Tag, You’re Me’, just revel in that voice
  5. Post-Come From Away, Jenn Colella might be a Broadway legend but Episode 4 ‘All My Exes Live in Essex’ relegates her to Blonde Group Wife
  6. I really liked Episode 10 ‘Alma Matters’, which stars the always-good Tate Donovan as the slippery Wilson Trager
  7. And it also features the marvellous Tamara Tunie as the kindly Lily Cooper who you just know is tragically doomed
  8. The wittily named Episode 13 ‘A Study in Charlotte’ has much to commend it, not least Richard Kind’s brilliant performance as disgruntled neighbour Trent
  9. The back end of this season sees Captain Gregson get a proper subplot with the arrival of Virginia Madsen’s love-interest-with-a-past Paige, who first appears in Episode 14 ‘Up to Heaven and Down to Hell’
  10. And as the finale approaches, Scottish Tony Curran’s Joshua Vikner is temptingly set up as a new big bad… 

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