TV Review: Elementary Season 3

Ophelia Lovibond’s Kitty has an impactful arc which dominates Series 3 of the always enjoyable Elementary 

“What is existence but the absorption of and reaction to the data that the universe presents. You can either grasp these truths or you can misinterpret them to your constant and considerable agitation”

Here’s my 10 favourite performances in Season 3 of Elementary.

  1. Season opener ‘Enough Nemesis to Go Around’ has a lot to set up given Sherlock’s extended absence from New York, not least his adoption of a new apprentice in Ophelia Lovibond’s Kitty Winter. Her story goes on to dominate half this series
  2. We also meet Raza Jaffrey’s Andrew Paek, Watson’s new neighbour, soon sometime paramour (well of course, he’s gorgeous!) and ultimately dramatic device in the great tradition of love interests of lead characters in all great dramas
  3. Also added into the mix is Gina Gershon’s malevolent Elana March, a cartel boss who doesn’t take kindly to being busted by Watson, as she finds out to her peril
  4. Maybe he was seduced by the title ‘The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction’ but truth be told, Christian Camargo is sorely under-used as Chris Santos
  5. As is sometimes the case, the less you know about Stuart Townsend’s role as Del Gruner the better, but boy, it is eye-wincingly good
  6. Also appearing in ‘The Illustrious Client’ is Broadway’s Company star Katrina Lenk in a harrowing role
  7. The marvellous Jayne Houdyshell pops up as Carla in Episode 13 ‘Hemlock’
  8. I couldn’t particularly tell you why but I do really like Alicia Witt, so her role in ‘When Your Number’s Up’ is a real eye-opener as she wreaks havoc right from the off as Dana Powell
  9. A rather interesting plot about bee colony collapse forms the backdrop for Episode 23 ‘Absconded’ and who else to play a possibly suspicious scientist than the great Sutton Foster?!
  10. Best known to me as the gravel-voiced Hades in Hadestown, Patrick Page is a powerful and pernicious presence in series finale ‘A Controlled Descent’ as Jonathan Bloom, a man you just know has done wrong

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