TV Review: The Capture, Series 2 Episodes 1+2

The Capture returns for a second series with the brilliant Lia Williams, Ben Miles and Holliday Grainger, plus added Paapa Essiedu

“Someone’s obviously fucking with the footage”

The first series of The Capture was one of those shows that passed me by on its original airing but which I was able to catch up with whilst locked down. The conspiracy thriller has returned for a second series with most of its core cast intact – Ben Miles and the ever fantastic Lia Williams as shadowy spooks, Cavan Clerkin and Ginny Holder as honest coppers and Holliday Grainger as the ambitious detective who is straddling the two as she queries the increasing reach of the surveillance state over public life and privacy.

The episodes are being released in pairs, over the next few weeks, and the opening duo certainly whetted my appetite. The central storyline focuses on Paapa Essiedu’s ambitious politician Isaac Turner, Security Minister in the government and in charge of a decision about whether to award a contract to control facial recognition at the border to a Chinese company. As people start to get killed, it is apparent that the stakes are higher than anyone realised but the final twist of the first episode is a corker of an ending which I won’t spoil here. Definitely one for the deep dive. 

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