Cast portraits for Vinay Patel’s The Cherry Orchard

Cast portraits released for the world premiere of Vinay Patel’s The Cherry Orchard at The Yard Theatre

An old starship travels through space, almost at the speed of light, searching for a home billions of miles from earth.

Like their ancestors before them, the crew were born on this ship, this voyage is all they’ve ever known. And then—

A planet is spotted

In a habitable zone!

Imagine what we could do with the place

It’s a miracle 

But not everyone wants to see it.  

Captain Ramesh is adamant that they can’t leave— but the downdeckers are getting restless—something has to change. Will they leap into a new future, or stay stuck on this journey forever?  

Vinay Patel reimagines Chekhov’s bittersweet play for 2022 and beyond, in a world premiere production directed by James Macdonald.  

Strap in and if you hear “brace” then brace. 

The show is playing at The Yard Theatre, London from 5 September – 22 October and HOME, Manchester from 2 – 19 November 2022. 

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