News: Arrows & Traps present The Dyer’s Hand Season

The Music In The Spheres and The Stars Are Fire make up Arrows & Traps new repertory season: The Dyer’s Hand. Able to be seen individually as two independent stories, or taken as a single epic narrative experience, The Dyer’s Hand Season presents two interlinking plays, told on alternating nights by a single cast, and produced by the award-winning and critically-acclaimed Arrows & Traps Theatre.

The cast features Cornelia Baumann, Lucy Ioannou, Laurel Marks, Edward Spence, Alex Stevens and Toby Wynn-Davies. And the creative team is writer and director Ross McGregor, visual design by So It Goes Theatre, lighting design by Robbie Butler, movement direction from Will Pinchin, Chris Tester acting as producer for Arrows & Traps Theatre.

HOLST: The Music In The Spheres
Tues 18 January  – Saturday 19 February

Born into a family of musicians, England’s greatest modern composer, Gustav Holst, began his career as a humble music teacher, struggling to make ends meet.

After a crippling childhood illness robs him of his vision and his ability to hold musical instruments, he embarks on one final desperate effort to write the great work that will define him and classical music forever: The Planets Suite.

The Music In The Spheres tells the story of the man behind the music, as he challenges an elitist industry that sees no space in it for people like him.  A courageous story of struggle, discovery and the need to be understood.

PAYNE: The Stars Are Fire 
Tues 25 January  – Saturday 19 February

Set five years after the events of The Music In The SpheresThe Stars Are Fire follows the phenomenal true story of one of Holst’s most brilliant students – Cecilia Payne – as she begins her groundbreaking work in astronomy at Harvard Observatory in 1923.

One of the first trailblazing women to receive a PhD in the United States, Cecilia soon makes a discovery that turns everything humanity knows about the universe completely on its head, and she must decide whether to fight or fall as powerful authorities try to silence her.

The Stars Are Fire is the powerful story of England’s most pioneering scientific explorer, telling a bold-hearted romance about one woman’s love affair with the stars.

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