Review: Sh!tFaced Shakespeare, Leicester Square Theatre

The chaotic Sh!tFaced Shakespeare makes a tipsy Macbeth intermittently entertaining at the Leicester Square Theatre

“Even if you killed my father, I still want to f**k you”

In the same way that improv shows are always different, so too is the kind of drunk you are after a few sherbets or shandies. Such is the rationale behind The Sh!tFaced team’s approach to revisiting theatrical classics under the influence. I’ve seen them tackle Oliver! with an old-fashioned, now its time for Macbeth with a martini. 

Or more accurately, the Bard with a beer. Sh!tFaced Shakespeare is taking on a summer season at the Leicester Square Theatre and it is a quite a good laugh at times. Their USP is getting one of their company drunk before aan otherwise straight production of the Scottish play, keeping their glass full throughout and letting whatever chaos unfold.

And as with many a comedy improv show, they’re kinda impossible to review as they are so uniquely tailored to the circumstances of the evening. Running jokes abound, visual gags pop up, the giggling interactions between the cast are destined never to be repeated in quite the same way. It’s an incredibly ‘live’ experience.

James Murfitt was our drunken victim, playing an amusingly flirty Malcolm, with Matthew Seager’s compère on hand to keep as steady a ship as needed. John Mitton, Flora Sowerby, Will Seaward and Stacey Norris were energetic supporters in all their silliness and you know what, the show is definitely best enjoyed with a drink in hand for yourself as well.

Running time: 2 hours
Photos: Andrew AB Photography
Sh!tFaced Shakespeare is booking at the Leicester Square Theatre until 11th September

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