Review: West End Musical Celebration, Palace Theatre

Ben Forster, Alice Fearn, Sophie Evans, Layton Williams, Rachel John, Trevor Dion Nicholas and Shanay Holmes join forces for a West End Musical Celebration at the Palace Theatre

“There’s a party to start in a new part of town”

Brought to you by the producers of West End Musical Drive In and West End Musical Brunch, West End Musical Celebration sees the collaborative, communal, concert spirit finally brought into a bona fide West End space in Palace Theatre.

It doesn’t reinvent the wheel but nor does it pretend or need to. Pulling together a top tier company including Alice Fearn, Layton Williams, Rachel John and Trevor Dion Nicholas and giving them some of the best showstoppers around, you can hardly go wrong.

From Alice Fearn reprising ‘Defying Gravity’ to Layton Williams remembering that the ‘Sex Is In The Heel’, there was much to enjoy in people returning to some of their most beloved roles. And Rachel John giving us a soaring ‘Home’ suggests someone needs to cast her in ‘The Wiz’ now. 

The show also had a few brilliant surprises up its sleeve. Ben Forster shining through ‘Waving Through A Window’ was highly effective and Williams nailing ‘Bad Romance’ (from the forthcoming Moulin Rouge doncha know) was a real winner. Welcoming back the West End sure is fun. 

Photos: Bonnie Britain
West End Musical Celebration is booking at the Palace Theatre until 13th June

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