Life Behind the Scenes: Celebrities Who Hooked Up With Their Fans

Dating has become something completely different in the last ten years. With all the technologies we have right now, finding your genuine significant other/a normal one-night stand is easy. Today’s topic is about dating and hookups.

When it comes to relationships and hookups, there’s an old saying about opposites attracting. You couldn’t get more opposite than celebrities and the everyday people who count themselves their fans. The former live a lifestyle beyond the dreams of most of the latter, with an entourage of staff managing their daily activities, arranging TV appearances, and booking press interviews. Many tend to date and hook up with other celebs.

Others have found themselves attracted to everyday people, dipping into online dating services such as hookupdaters, or, as in the case of filmstar Matt Damon, asking out a girl who caught his eye in a bar. Here’s his story, and several others who have bridged the ‘celebrity/fan divide.’

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso

When Matt was working on a wacky comedy about conjoined twins, called, appropriately enough, Stuck On You, he popped into a bar and noticed Luciana working there. He later claimed he ‘spotted her across a crowded room,’ and knew his destiny had been fulfilled. Having been happily married since 2005, the Massachusetts-born movie star and his Argentine fan-turned-spouse now have four children.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

Hailey began her infatuation with Canadian teen idol Justin when he was seeing American singer/actress Selena Gomez (one of those celebrity couples known by a ‘merged moniker’ – Jelena!) But the celeb relationship was very much of the on/off variety, and during one of the ‘off’ spells, Hailey’s and Justin got together, being officially married in a ceremony in South Carolina in 2019.

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

Cash Warren was already familiar with the world of TV entertainment – his father, Michael, a former college basketball player, starred as Officer Hill in the long-running cop drama, Hill Street Blues. But he was also a fan of actress Jessica Alba when he was working as a production assistant on the movie Fantastic Four, where Jessica played the Invisible Woman. She wasn’t remotely invisible to Cash, and they started dating, marrying in LA in 2004, and currently have three children together.

Julia Roberts with Danny Moder

For fans with one eye on their favorite movie icons, it always helps if their day job can bring them a little closer than the average admirer. Danny Moder had been working as a highly-respected (and Emmy-nominated) cinematographer when his path crossed with Julia’s on the set of the 2001 adventure comedy, The Mexican. During filming, on either side of the camera, a strong bond developed. They got married on American Independence Day, July 4th, 2002.

So, the conclusion is that many artists in theatre, cinema or music are regular people with simple lives. They love and want to be loved or just find someone to hook up with and they don’t always choose their soulmate out of their “higher class”.

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